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John Benedict Abano, M.D., FAWM completed his Family Medicine and Chief Residency training at Texas Tech University in 2012 and is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. Before becoming the director of the VasectomyCenter PLLC, John practiced medicine at the Everett Clinic and the Providence Medical Group for seven years. He has been recognized as a Fellow in Wilderness Medicine, voted Snohomish Reader’s Choice Physician 2017 and was chosen as the People’s Choice for Family Practice 2016.

Dr. Abano performs the No-Needle, No-Scalpel vasectomy at all three of our locations including Swedish Issaquah, Swedish Greenlake and the Shorline NW Mens Health Clinic. His methods are the most comfortable and most advanced on the market today.

As a well as being one of the premier vasectomist in the Pacific Northwest, John has participated in medical missions in many parts of the world including Haiti and the Philippines. During these missions he has performed hundreds of no-scalpel vasectomies on indigent populations and, as a result, empowered families through family planning. John is a member of No Scalpel Vasectomy International and a participant in World Vasectomy Day. In his new position as the Director of the Vasectomy Center, he will continue to carry on the work of those who have preceded him.

For Dr. Abano, nothing is as rewarding than working with patients to redefine their lives. He believes that patients are an equal partner in their care. Dr. Abano practices medicine that makes sense and he is inspired by patients who have the determination to help themselves.

Medical Missions

At Top Gun NW Expert Vasectomy, we believe that the highest quality of medical care should be available to all.

A portion of the profits from Top Gun NW will be redirected to provide healthcare to lower economic folks from different parts of the globe. Since 2015, Dr. Abano has been practicing with No Scalpel Vasectomy International and World Vasectomy Day, nonprofit organizations of vasectomists dedicated to helping impoverished families take control of their family planning. We offer free voluntary vasectomies to men who have made the decision that they have achieved their desired family size and would like to continue sexual relations with their partners without the fear of unintended pregnancies. This provides them with more economic resources for their existing family. The organization is active in the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya, and supported by numerous vasectomists from all over the globe.



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